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business performance improvement business performance improvementKCP Advisory Group can provide an experienced and impartial, third-party assessment of a business’ operational and financial structure. With decades of proven experience as financial and operational executives, lenders and investors, we can identify opportunities to improve gross profit and operating profit margins.


The professionals of KCP will use their combined perspective, industry knowledge and experience to provide you with a detailed assessment of:


Financial assets and liabilities

Operational and organizational strengths and weaknesses including:

Land, building and property leases

Marketing and sales


Research and development

Human resources

Costs of doing business, including both gross and operating margins

Sourcing alternatives

Long-term business viability, including:

Industry trends and cycles

Competitive strengths and weakness

Business opportunities and risks


Based on our experience and assessment, we will provide you with a plan that identifies:


Opportunities for cost-cutting and improvements to profitability

Improvements to corporate structure and management process

Measures to increase operational efficiency




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Our approach is proactive, dedicated and proven effective.

KCP ProfessionalsAt KCP, our professionals have decades of experience in public and private companies with financial distress ranging across many industry sectors and specialties.

The Advisory CouncilKCP receives guidance and input from some of the most talented professionals in their respective fields.

KCP ExperienceThe combined experience of our professionals covers many industry sectors and specialties.